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Full Service

From “A to Z"! It may sound cliché but Art of Events will actually do the work for you.

Our main task is to make sure you can have a relaxed and amazing time with your guests or customers. For us, to develop and create your event means ' creating art'. It’s all in the details! We believe that each project and event is unique. Within our concept you never lose control over your event, you remain the pilot while we implement.

We have hand-selected several top event vendors who outshine each in their profession.

Contemporary Eventplanning

An event or a celebration is a true experience, and when it comes to taste there is no point in arguing. For us it is essential to understand the tastes of our clients.

We assist them in their search for the right atmosphere and the experience that they desire. We really try to excel at getting to know our client’s personal style so that their event is a true reflection of them. 

Staying "Up to date" is a priority! We are always hungry for new visions and styles.

With excitement and passion we are constantly looking for new materials and ideas that we can use at our parties. Timeless class is something we truly love. We like to use the word "contemporary" because we live in a society where many different trends and styles are possible. The styles we use are parallel with fashion, art, interior and the ‘design world’.